I am still homeless, with limited access to internet.

I am appealing to all of my readers for help. My cellphone, which I need so that I can stay in touch with people and try to get some income, is steadily dying. With my cellphone carrier, I have to buy a replacement phone outright, which is going to run me approximately $250. If even a few of you chipped in $20, I could replace my phone easily.

As an incentive, I will post one update for each person who donates toward my cellphone. Donations can be made on my other site, Prism and Ink.

Thank you to those fans who have already donated to take a little of the edge off living in my van.

Until further notice, updates will be erratic, at best. Feel free to read some of your old favorites, or maybe check out one of the stories you might have skipped.



Welcome to Dabbler.X

Due to the Protect IP Bill (IP stands for Intellectual Property), currently being debated as HR 3261 and S. 978, this site is being put on hiatus.

Under this bill, both my webhost and I become liable for criminal charges if there are accusations of copyright infringement.

Under this bill, we can be arrested if any commenter includes anything which can be construed as being a copyright infringement.

And your Internet Service Provider becomes liable as well, if you view the content in question.

This bill is so badly written, my webhost and I would have to prove, in criminal court, that I have permission to post the stories that I myself have written.

And under this bill, my website can be put on a Internet Blacklist, with no appeal process, which requires ISPs to block my sites, permanently.

Until these bills are killed, I have no choice but to protect myself, my webhost, and my fans, by taking all of my content offline.

Please contact your elected representatives in Washington DC, and urge them to kill this legislation.

For reference sake, I should also tell you that you can be arrested, under this legislation, for posting a karaoke video (or song), discussing videogames, discussing lyrics or music, or even for quoting a movie online.

Be careful, my friends.

- DabblerX